Crowd Control

Aus Guards are your crowd control and static guard experts. We offer the best available security solutions with an emphasis on prevention and thorough planning. We assess every situation before the event and ensure that we implement a security plan that is full proof and takes into account all variables. We will ensure a safe crowd.

A Modern Company with Modern Methods

In the past and unfortunately even today many security companies perpetrate an 'us against them" culture. This culture is detrimental to crowd control and raises problems from the beginning. The responsibility of the crowd controller is to protect individuals and property.

The key to crowd control is thorough planning and the utilisation of security officers who can keep a cool head under pressure. Our Security officers (trained in house) are some of the most skilled in the country and are fully qualified to deal with all aspects of crowd control.

Our security team will handle all situations in a professional and non-aggressive way ensuring a positive atmosphere and a crowd that feels safe. We will protect your premises and most importantly your customers with care and a professional attitude.

Static Guards

Static guards can be utilised at a range of venues to ensure ongoing security. Aus Guards services a variety of venues in the Brisbane/ Gold Coast region including
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Major Events
  • Shopping centres and other retail outlets
  • Building sites
Our fully licensed guards offer a security service second to none. We facilitate loss prevention and deter vandals. With years of industry experience and a strong dedication to our clients, Aus Guards bring a high level of training and professionalism to every situation.

Customer Service

We realise that our guards represent not only our business but those of clients as well. We place a strong emphasis on customer service training so that our guards present themselves immaculately and conduct themselves accordingly.

For the ultimate crowd control solution and Security Professionals you can trust Contact Aus Guards today.